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Why is sport so important in adolescence?

Why is sport so important in adolescence?
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When it comes to selecting the sport that a teenager should practice we must take into account many things, their preferences and also interests, their qualities and anatomical constitution, whether it favors their overall development or is very specialized, or if it puts at risk their muscle and bone development.

Why is sport so important in adolescence?

Which sport should we choose?

Among the sports that frequently do not pose a danger to their development are handball, basketball, athletics, swimming, cycling, dance, etc. These are fairly complete exercises that can be started as a game and also progressively raising their difficulty. On the other hand we find another kind of sport that in some way can pose a danger such as weightlifting, rugby and the like. We must be particularly cautious with asymmetrical sports such as tennis, as it can develop more body parts than any other.

What are the benefits of sport as a whole in adolescence?

If to the practice of sport we add that it is in team the advantages increase, it gives them discipline, to have to fulfill the rules and to understand their relevance since when they do not fulfill them apart from losing, they damage to the rest of the team. They learn to work together and trust each other. They discover the capacity of leadership, it is not a question of appreciating to dominate the rest, but rather of understanding what a leader must do to guide the rest and achieve the results as a whole. Practicing a sport also makes the adolescent learn to know how to lose, tolerance to frustration because not always and at all times will win goes to apply in the rest of fields in his life.

Why is sport so important in adolescence?

What are the mental benefits?

School physical education is not enough as it is a very small number of hours per week. Each and every one of the teenagers should practice a sport for unlimited reasons, apart from all the foregoing they assist in preventing obesity and fighting sedentarism.

Sport in adolescence also plays an essential role in personality, increases your self-esteem, helps you feel good, healthy and strong which increases self-confidence. His state of mind is more positive which makes him face routine inconveniences with another attitude.

Exercise helps you rest better and have a better quality of sleep, while relieving tension and promoting relaxation. At the psychological level, they realise the value of dedication, learning to fight for their objectives in the short, medium or long term and becoming more incessant adults in the future.

Why is sport so important in adolescence?

The practice of sport favors the feeling of well-being due to the release of endorphins, hormones responsible for producing a sense of well-being and optimism. In addition to this, a young person who plays sports will have fewer adult medical problems.

Finally, it is essential to do sport not only in adolescence but also from childhood. Not only is it only playful but we are strengthening his physical and psyche. Therefore, do not hesitate to make every little or adolescent in your environment practice sport as it is the best way to prosper their quality of life and also implement healthy habits that will survive for life.

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