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Today we propose a circuit training of unique toning for women, by this I do not mean that men can not do it but that is a circuit composed of exercises aimed more at strengthening the lower buttocks and buttocks, which is particularly where girls complain more.

The circuit, as I say, is going to be made up of different exercises in which we are going to emphasize the most wimpy areas of many women, or especially the areas where the fat tissue is most accustomed to piling up in these, which is the area of the triceps, hips, buttocks and buttocks that brings so many headaches to girls.

With this circuit we are going to harden the muscles so that they do not give that flaccidity sensation that very often happens due to the lack of muscular tone and excess of fatty tissue.

The circuit is carried out in such a way that each and every one of the following exercises is done, one after the other without rest, and the whole circuit is rested at the end. It is recommended for beginners to do it two-three times a week and for people who have been training for a longer time to do it four-five times a week maximum. Remember that rest is essential for muscle development. Always and at all times we will try to do it one day and rest the next day or at most do it a couple of days in a row, never three.

Before starting the circuit we will warm up as always and under all circumstances with cardiovascular exercise, joint mobility and short stretches. I am in favour of not stretching to the limit, but rather of joint mobility and very gentle stretching, very far from the maximum.

Depending on our fitness level, we will do the circuit with a minimum of two rounds for beginners and up to five rounds for advanced people. Approximately, each round will cost us about fifteen minutes. It must also be said that when we get used to the circuit or have more base, the number of repetitions or time of exercise must be increased, since otherwise, we will not be able to encourage our muscles always and at all times with exactly the same load.

This is just a variation, there are a thousand ways to organize a toning circuit and get to the same result, I just hope you put this one in motion, tell me the results and naturally end up tired. After finishing the circuit, for which you have strength, I encourage you to do five to ten minutes of gentle cardio to burn extra calories and finally stretch, but this for each and every one, is an essential part of all training, finish with a good stretch.


2- Knees to elbows.

3- Leg adductions.



6- Buttock kick.

7- Side plate.

8-The frog.

9- Jumps in place with stride.

10-Crab, walk.

11-Pelvic elevations.

12- Deceased weight. Be careful with this exercise, back straight and straight at all times.

13- Front plate.

14-V legs.

And that's all for today, girls, to get in shape and tell us about your experiences, so that we can see how it has worked out for you.

Greetings and anything else don't hesitate to consult, whatever it is, even if you don't know how to do an exercise or whatever it is.

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