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Yoga at home or outdoors? find out which one is best for you

Yoga at home or outdoors? find out which one is best for you
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Yoga at home or outdoors? find out which one is best for you

Yoga at home or outdoors? This is a question many people ask themselves when they want to start practicing yoga. The truth is that there is no unitary answer since, depending on what you are looking for, it will be better for you to choose one discipline or another.

However, in this article we are going to assist you in solving your doubts and, in this way, you will be able to know if yoga at home or yoga in the open air is more for you. Here we will analyze the benefits of each practice so that you can select your best option.

Main benefits of doing yoga at home

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There are quite a few people who want to start doing yoga at home. The reason for choosing home training is that you can begin to learn certain basic yoga postures (“asanas”) and also get started in this amazing cosmos.

Yoga at home or outdoors? find out which one is best for you

Therefore, yoga at home can be a good option to break the ice and try, for the first time, what it is and how to do yoga. Apart from the tips for doing yoga at home on your own, it also has many interesting benefits such as the following:

  • Free exercise or cheaper: if you choose to practice yoga at home, one of the most obvious benefits is that your workout is going to be free or, at least, more affordable than attending classes or going to a gym. Today there are a lot of videos and tutorials on the Internet that will help you discover yoga in an easy and economical way.
  • Ideal for the winter: doing yoga at home will also allow you to be picked up at home on cold outdoor days. In addition to this, it is a good shelter in case it drizzles or it is very windy as the temperature in this season of the year can be really variable.
  • For a beginner level: in addition to this, start practicing it at home, will let you get into the practice of this discipline and test yourself to see if you are good at it, or not.
  • At your own pace: being comfortable and relaxed at home, you will be able to adapt your training and your yoga classes as you want and at your own pace.

Advantages of practicing yoga outdoors

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However, there are quite a few people who prefer to do yoga outdoors. The reason is that this practice of letting be in greater contact with nature and with the energy of the environment.

However, you will have to practice yoga in a natural, relaxed and calm space in order to truly connect with your interior. The beach, the mountain or a park distanced from the center of the city are ideal options for this.

Yoga at home or outdoors? find out which one is best for you

Next, we are going to offer you a list with each and every one of the benefits of doing yoga outdoors in order that values if you find this modality more interesting:

  • You will activate the five senses: doing yoga every morning in the open air will bring your whole body into contact with the outside world. I mean, you’re going to feel the wind, you’re going to feel the ground, you’re going to soak up the smells… Therefore, your body and psyche are going to be in greater connection.
  • More optimal concentration: it will also be easier for you to concentrate because, when you leave home and start doing yoga, you will be able to make your body more in tune with the environment and in a different space.
  • More oxygenation: another of the advantages of outdoor yoga is that your body gets more oxygen thanks to the fact that the air you are going to breathe will be cleaner and the energy will flow better than in an enclosed space, as is the case in your home.
  • In contact with more energy: your body will be continuously surrounded by both natural energies and living beings, so it is a good way to get in tune with the cosmos and stop being centered only on you.

Therefore, if you want to know if it is better to do yoga at home or outdoors, the answer will depend only on you and your preferences. We encourage you to try both disciplines and intersperse them since, as you have seen, both have very positive and advantageous effects.

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