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Your morning express fitness routine

Your morning express fitness routine
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From the moment you get up in the morning to the moment you return home, don’t you have a minute for yourself? Behind the long list of daily chores is that of going to the gym, but always and in all circumstances is being postponed by other things that urge more? If you don’t want exercise to be in the queue of the list, put it in front of everything. The best way to start the day is to spend some time on your physical health. So get rid of the sheets in your bed and start the day with more energy than ever


Your morning express fitness routine
Time won’t be an apology

! at

feelforfit we have developed 2 express routines to do in the morning: one fitness routine for men and the other for women. The two exercise routines require only six minutes. The fitness exercises that make up the routines can be done anywhere as you will not need any kind of material.


this way, you will be able to start each morning with more energy and you will get in shape without sacrificing your “agenda”

. To

download the routine you just have to enter our Weblog. Once you are inside, a window will appear with the express routine in the mornings. You only have to give us your mail and your gender and in an instant you will receive your routine. Print it and start your new habit of healthy life.

Download your routine here

Benefits of morning express routines1


Exercising in the morning separates cravingsA

research by Brugham Young University confirmed that those who exercise in the morning have fewer cravings than those who do not exercise in the morning. In the study, one set of obese people and another set of people with a fitness profile were studied. Already before beginning with the experiment the two sets were shown two hundred and forty photographs, one hundred and twenty of which were edible in order to be able to see their cerebral reaction. After a week of morning exercise, they are shown these two hundred and forty more photographs of groceries again and it is confirmed that the cerebral response to photographs of groceries is inferior


Your morning express fitness routine

Free your dayThis

is an obvious reason, but not for this less valuable reason. Doing a fitness routine at home in the mornings saves you time and you can say yes to improvised after-work plans


Helps you do itThe

fact that the first thing you need to do is some exercises at home means you’


probably do it. It

increases your energyWhen

you exercise, hard work helps bring oxygen and nutrients to muscles, organs and other tissues.


leads not only to a proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, but rather to a more effective functioning


Your morning express fitness routine

. Activate your


has both short-term and long-term brain benefits. Research proves that short-term benefits include improved executive function and memory restoration. This brain impulse means that morning training could be a substitute for a dose of caffeine .

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