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Would you like to know how many calories you spend on each and every training routine and would you like to have a device to alert you to physical activity? All this is possible with a fitness watch, one of the latest trends in sport to keep track of your physical activity. These watches, now available in almost any brand, measure to the millimetre the types of exercise carried out, such as how many calories are spent on each of them and the time spent.

These watches achieve an accurate measurement of physical exercise because they have a heart rate monitor. That is, they are assisted by a device that measures the pulsations of your body to know the calories burned and the effort made. In fact, there are certain watches that report extreme fatigue in the athlete if the heart rate becomes too high.

You mark the genre of exercise and the clock takes care of the rest.

Before you start exercising, all you have to do is check that the watch marks the type of sport you are going to do. These sports devices have an endless number of activities that can be controlled, from running to archery even, and in all of them you can visualize the level of care.

This is especially useful for differentiated training routines, i.e. where not only one type of exercise is performed. To give you an example, if you go to the gym one day and first do cardio (twenty minutes of exercise bike), then do chest exercises and finally bicep weights, you can mark each workout.

In any case, the fitness watch in question will measure both the calories you burn and the time you spend on each and every exercise and your heart rate, so that you can maintain constant control.

Technology applied to fitness watches

Of course, sports watches for training have applications for intelligent mobile phones. These applications are fully connected to the training devices, measuring and displaying in real time statistics the evolution of the exercise performed by the user in question.

Each brand of sports watches has its own application, so the data displayed are distinguished but are truly similar to each other. The statistics show a final purpose that the user can mark, and also the exercise carried out throughout a day with the different types of activities carried out.

Adidas, Polar or Suunto are certain brands that make it easier to measure these physical activities. In addition to watches, you can also find training bracelets, such as the Garmin Vívosmart 3 activity bracelet. All these devices also have GPS functionality, so you can find out about the trails you have made throughout the exercise.

Fitness watches are the best training companion for anyone who wants to know considerably more about fitness. They are a great way to learn about the calories burned over the course of your routine and to help your muscle tone thrive.

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